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Ecoglide Ziplining in Arenal

You’ll feel just like a bird as you fly above the tree tops of the rainforest near the Arenal Volcano. This canopy zipline tour is a perfect combination of adventure, nature and adrenaline right at the base of the impressive Arenal Volcano.

We like to work with Ecoglide Canopy Zipline because they provide small group experiences, incorporate a second security cable and have multiple start times.

You’ll be geared up at the Ecoglide operations center with all the equipment you need to enjoy a safe and fun adventure and receive a safety speech to learn more about what you’ll be doing during the tour. From there, you’ll head to the first canopy platform in an off road vehicle, and after that, you’ll take off flying!

The ziplining platforms at Ecoglide are surrounded by primary rainforest and great 365-degree views! EcoGlide offers the highest standards of security for ziplining — one of the coolest adventure sports ever!

This canopy zipline adventure will take you on a total of 13 exciting cables throughout this well-thought-out adventure park. The first cable is only 25 meters long, intended to help you feel comfortable with your gear and get you ready to enjoy the rest of the cables of this adventure sport. The thrill of the zip increases from cable to cable until you arrive to cable number 12. This is the longest cable and is an exciting 430 meters long — that’s over 1,200 feet long!

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to do a unique and exciting Tarzan Swing! You’ll love this part of the tour!

The EcoGlide canopy zipline guides go out of their way to show you different species of animals and plants — keep an eye out for deer, monkeys, snakes, sloths, frogs, peccaries, raccoons and a huge variety of birds — these are just some of the animals that often appear during the tour as you enjoy a 360-panoramic view of the rainforest.

Ziplining in Costa Rica with EcoGlide is fun for the whole family!



  • Experienced guides
  • Transport
  • Equipment and admission


  • What to bring: Comfortable clothes; secure shoes; GoPro camera; bug repellent
  • Recommended ages: 7 – 85
  • Duration: 2.5 Hrs
  • Departs: 7:40 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Price: $55 Per Person - Kids: $50

Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping

Go beyond the canyoning that you already know and join us on this intense, Costa Rican expedition.We’ll pick you up from your hotel in the La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area. We take you on a nice drive through beautiful country roads and up into the mountains.

From there, we head deep into the Costa Rican countryside. You will board our  Jungle Limos to get to our private put in of the Gravity Falls canyon.

Our guides will then suit you up with high quality harnesses and helmets before embarking out on your once in a lifetime rainforest expedition.

Start off with a heart-pumping rappel down an impressive 140-ft tropical waterfall. You’ll drop into a large, deep pool of incredibly crystal-clear water and have a chance to swim your way onto shore. This will prepare you for the following adrenaline-pumping adventures of this multi-sport canyon adventure.

You’ll hike through the rainforest to where you’ll reach a continuous series of waterfalls and cliffs. Your professional and experienced guides, will help you push your limits as you jump off 10 to 30-ft waterfalls and cliffs into the deep canyon pools.

Talk about SECRET swimming holes! Be one of the first to be able to explore this pristine wilderness dep inside the Gravity Falls isolated canyon!

Rain or shine, you are going to have tons of wild water fun and get a chance to see REAL Costa Rican nature up close and personal!

Don’t leave Costa Rica without doing the extreme NEW Gravity Falls Waterfall Jumping Canyoning tour near the Arenal Volcano!



  • Transportation
  • Professional Guides
  • High quality equipment
  • Delicious lunch


  • What to bring: Clothes to get wet in sturdy water shoes change of clothes for after the tour / GoPro camera a big sense of adventure.
  • Recommended ages: 16 – 55
  • Duration: 6 Hrs
  • Departs: 7:00 a.m.
Price: $125 per person

Rafting Balsa Class 2-3

Rafting is one of the most-popular activities to do in Costa Rica and runs rain or shine just about EVERY day of the year. We offer the best Class 2-3 rafting near the Arenal Volcano on the beautiful Balsa River just 45 minutes from your La Fortuna hotel.

The Rio Balsa is the perfect rafting tour for first-timers, families with children, all nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who are simply looking for a fun rafting adventure in Costa Rica!

We will get you fitted with your top-quality rafting gear such as an NRS helmet, lifejacket and paddle. Our “Paparrazzi” photographer will be hovering around you to catch the best shots (of the sometimes apprehensive faces) as you listen intently to the thorough safety talk from the head guide of your trip.

you will “challenge” yourself as you paddle down over 10 kilometers of continuous, exciting rapids with names like “Congo Loco” and “Rock around the Croc!” Rafting in Costa Rica is a little different than other parts of the world because our rivers have steep gradients with lots of rapids and are a little more technical and shallow, which makes for a fun ride on your rafting trip!

As you descend down this beautiful class 2-3 river, you’ll have a chance to admire the lush greenery, vines, and different types of insects, birds and animals — your eagle-eyed guides will even point out the monkeys, sloths and toucans along the way!

About half way down the river your guides will provide you a smorgasbord of fresh tropical fruit as you relax with the rest of your group. Take a swim and immerse yourself in the wild nature around you!

When your rafting adventure is finished, enjoy a typical Costa Rican lunch at charming rural location. After your day full of nature, adventure, and delicious food, we’ll drive you back



  • Transportation
  • Fun and professional guides
  • Tropical fruit break
  • Delicious meal at the end


  • What to bring: Clothes to get wet in – Change of clothes – Secure shoes and a big smile
  • Recomended ages: 10 – 65
  • Duration: 5 hrs
  • Departs: 9:00 a.m.
Price: $69 - Kids: $62

Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoning — GO BIG in the Lost Canyon! Costa Rica’s best multi-sport adventure near the Arenal Volcano!

We get many requests from visitors who want to experience the REAL Costa Rica — they want to get wet in tropical waterfalls, immerse themselves deep in the jungle and push their limits! That’s what the Lost Canyon is all about — it’s one of La Fortuna’s best-kept secrets full of different kinds of adventures. You’ll be rappelling down huge waterfalls, jumping into pools, zipping your way down on guided rappels, river tracing along the canyon, downclimbing the canyon walls and river boulders and hiking up through the rainforest. We pack all kinds of adventure into the best canyoning experience in Costa Rica!

You will get suited up with high-quality canyoneering gear Your professional guides will give you a full safety talk-.  After your Canyoneering 101 crash course, complete with safety instructions, demonstrations, a practice session and lots of laughs, we head to the starting point of the Lost Canyon.

Baby steps: Start off the rappelling-leg of your canyoning journey with the first waterfall referred to as the “Baby” — a small-sized 10-ft waterfall that allows you to practice and ease your way into learning the ropes – literally!

Just LET GO!: You will then hike deep into the rocky terrain of the wet and wild rainforest, surrounded by huge rocks, trees, and flowing streams. You’ll soon reach what we fondly call the “Big Boy” — the second largest waterfall. Imagine this: there you are, on a sturdy platform looking down into the depths of a massive 150-ft tropical waterfall. You’ll start off by rappelling down the rock face and about half way through you’ll hear “LET GO!” – a few moments later you’ll have experienced your first guided, adrenaline pumping free fall!

This is when you will realize that this really is an experience of a lifetime!

More than just rappelling: Canyoneering in the Lost Canyon of Costa Rica is more than just rappelling — it’s a full body work out! Use your arms, legs, and hands to climb through Mother Nature’s obstacle course! You’ll be jumping into pools, sliding down a natural water slide, sitting under waterfalls, pulling yourself up some rocks and helping yourself down others.

The waterfalls keep getting bigger and BIGGER in the Lost Canyon! As you make your way through the four rappels, you’ll notice your strength and confidence keeps getting stronger and stronger… good thing, because the waterfalls keep getting bigger and BIGGER. You will finish your adventure with a 200ft waterfall drop — rappelling part of the way and then letting go of the reins to experience another guided free fall drop! Talk about adrenaline! You’ll be wanting even more rappels at the end of this amazing adventure!

Worth the hike! As we hike back up the rainforest canyon, you’ll be invited to take your time and enjoy the serenity of the Costa Rica rainforest. It normally takes about 10 minutes, but many people take longer, stopping every so often to soak in this unique experience. At the top, change into your dry clothes and head up to the Canyon Café where there will be a well-deserved homemade lunch waiting for you! And be sure to smile for the camera because we have some paparazzi hidden out in the forest to catch you in the height of emotion and you’ll be eager to buy the photos of you doing such a cool adventure in Costa Rica at the end of the tour!



  • Tour guide
  • Lunch
  • Transport


  • What to bring: Clothes to get wet in; change of clothes; secure shoes; extra money to buy photos or a t-shirt of your tour; sense of adventure
  • Recommended ages: 13 – 60
  • Duration: 4 Hrs
  • Departs: 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Price $99 p/p

Adventure Combos: Canyoning Lost Canyon & Rafting Rio Balsa

Go Canyoning and Rafting all in one fun day in Arenal on Desafio’s exclusove MAMBO COMBO!

Make the most of your limited vacation time with our MAMBO COMBO Rappel and Raft tour near the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica.

Strap on your harness and rappel yourself down several tropical waterfalls that are up to 200 feet high. You will also get to river-trace, hike, free-fall and down-climb through what we call “mother nature’s obstacle course”. If you love forest adventures that challenge you mentally and physically, you’ll love Canyoneering in the Lost Canyon. After you hike back up to the Canyon House, enjoy a delicious light early lunch or late breakfast and take a look at all of the photos of your experience. You may want to bring some extra cash to purchase a photo CD.

Next, it’s time to go rafting! You can keep the same adventure clothes on because you are going to experience water like never before on the Rio Balsa rafting trip near La Fortuna Costa Rica

ou will might up with fello rafters as we drive about 45 minutes to the class 2-3 Balsa River. You will be able to see a lot of beautiful nature and get tons more adrenaline!

The Balsa River starts off with class 3 rapids at the beginning and allows you to challenge your strength and newly learned rafting skills! Make your way through fun rapids like Rock Around the Clock and much more!

About half-way through, we’ll stop and have a break for swimming, drinks and snacks before we head through the second half of the river.

This is where the class 2 rapids begin, which allow you to relax and soak in the beautiful nature and spot howler monkeys and different species of birds. When you are done your rafting adventure we’ll head to a nice rural restaurant and enjoy a delicious Costa Rican style lunch. You will have another opportunity to see photos of your adventures to purchase and later show off to all of your friends and family back home.



  • Transport: to/from the hotel
  • Activities: the best rafting and canyoneering guides in Costa Rica
  • Equipment: High quality safety gear – towel
  • Food: traditional snack – tropical fruit break – delicious lunch
  • Photographer
  • Lots of adventure


  • What to bring: Secure shoes – clothes to get wet in – a change of clothes for after the rafting tour – appetite for adventure
  • Recommended ages: 13-60 YEARS
  • Duration: 9 Hrs
  • Departs: 7:00 a.m.
Price: $159

Arenal COMBO Tour: Canyoning & Ziplining

Come see the lush Costa Rican rainforest from two different perspectives! Get wet and wild hiking through the forest and rappelling down waterfalls, then soar above the rainforest canopy as you zipline from tree to tree like Tarzan! This day is full of adventure and is the perfect way to get to know the REAL Costa Rican jungle!

Canyoneering is more than just rappelling; it’s a full-body work out! Use your arms, legs, and hands to climb through Mother Nature’s obstacle course: You’ll be jumping into pools, sliding down a natural water slide, sitting under waterfalls, pulling yourself up some rocks and helping yourself down others. You’ll finish your adventure with a 200 ft waterfall drop — rappelling part of the way and then letting go of the reins to experience a guided free fall drop! Talk about adrenaline!

Then, relax and enjoy a delicious lunch before heading to your ziplining adventure with delicious options including vegetarian and other dietary needs.

We will then take you back to your hotel for a quick break (you can request to stay in the La Fortuna downtown area) where you wait to be picked-up for your next adventure… the quintessential ziplining in Costa Rica!

There are 13 cables in total that reach up to 850 meters long – some of the longest ziplines in the world. During this canopy zipline tour in Arenal, you will find yourself high above the rainforest canopy with amazing views of the surrounding hills, mountains, rivers and the majestic Arenal Volcano forming the best picturesque backdrop. This Arenal COMBO tour with canyoning and ziplining is sure to get your heart racing and is one of our most-popular Arenal COMBO tour options.



  • Transport from the hotel
  • Fun and professional guides who love what they do
  • Delicious home-cooked meal
  • Towel
  • Photographer
  • Lots of adventure


  • What to bring: Shoes – clothes to get wet in – a change of clothes for after the tour – appetite for adventure
  • Recommended  ages: 13 – 60
  • Duration: 9 Hrs
  • Departs: 7:00 a.m.
Price $135