Chachagua Rainforest Hotel proves that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.  Every aspect of the resort has been conceived to contribute to the environment while pampering our guests.  Food served on the property is organically grown by our staff and artfully prepared by our resident chef.  Any waste from the kitchen is used to produce fertilizer as well as fuel our bio-digestor, producing gas that powers the kitchen.  A master craftsman on property, using reclaimed wood from the forest, built furniture throughout the resort.  We use 100% chemical free growing techniques at our plantation and produce our own dairy from our working hacienda.


Guests who visit Chachagua Rainforest Hotel will have an opportunity to interact with their surroundings in educational and insightful ways.  Our resident naturalist guides guests through the rainforest and property grounds in search of its many treasures.   Luxury and sustainability co-existing for the benefit of our guests and their surroundings.